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Housing in Reims





CROUS ‘Teilhard de Chardin’ Residence - www.crous-reims.fr

This residence is about 20mn walk from the campus  & has a partnership with Sciences Po.

It offers 9m² rooms (246,35€ per month) or 18m² studios (318.20€ per month).

Rooms include a bed, a bathroom, a fridge & access to a common kitchen and dining area on each floor.

Studios include a kitchenette.

The residence is 5mn walk from a university restaurant open from breakfast to dinner.

In the residence itself, you have access to a snack bar that offers breakfasts and snacks during the day and to a laundry.

Pictures from this residence

To apply, send an Email to logementprive.reims@sciencespo.fr and ask for a ‘Dossier resident CROUS’ 


MGEL ‘Laudine’ Residence


You need to apply directly from MGEL.

Contact: Mrs Maud JACOB maud.jacob@mgellogement.fr

*MGEL -  ‘Quai 207 Cathédrale’ Résidence

This residence is located 1 to 3 boulevard Henri Serot (very close to the City center & the cathedral). It will open in the Summer 2014.

Studios are from 20 to 50m².

Sports room, Lounge, cafeteria (buffet breakfast included every day from Monday to Friday), TV room, Internet (no WiFi), laundry, In-house concierge, Bikes parking area, Video security.

Underground parking area (to be paid as a supplement)

Contact: Mrs Maud JACOB -  maud.jacob@mgellogement.fr



SERGIC ‘Residium’ Residence

It is situated 5 to 10mn walk from the campus.

Contact: logementetudiant@sergic.com


LES ESTUDINES Drouet d’Erlon http://www.estudines.com/uk/residence-housing-student-reims-34-225.html

It is very central and offers 160 studios (24m² each).

Bus line No9 will directly take you from the residence to Sciences Po campus.

Contact: reims.drouetderlon@estudines.com





II - Private Housing

You need to contact logementprive.reims@sciencespo.fr to receive the updated list of private housing offers.

These are offers very close to the campus (usually max.5mn walk).


Housing Aid


You can ask for a State Housing Aid from the ‘CAF’, Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (the national Housing Aid allowance Office) 


Registration documents need to be filled in French online but ‘know how’ documents on how to fill in the CAF registration form can be sent to you on demand from logementprive.reims@sciencespo.fr.


Help & Advice from our students

You can contact our students and get all details and ‘in situ’ experience through bde.reims@sciencespo.fr ou studentrepresentatives.reims@gmail.com


III - French Housing Tax


This is an annual residence tax imposed on the occupier of a property in which they were resident on 1st January of each year.

Students residing in an individual flat or house or private residence are required to pay the housing tax if they are registered tenants in the property on 1st January of each year. (Exempted students: those lodged in the Crous or with a family). This is calculated on the type of accommodation (its surface and location). It is sometimes included in the rent (please check when you sign your rental contract).

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