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Programmes spécifiques


The George Washington University School of Business and Public Management and Sciences Po


This academic program is hosted at the Parisian campus of Sciences Po, in partnership with George Washington University. Highlights of the program include corporate site visits and business course offerings. The program features three business courses taught by leading George Washington School of Business and Public Management faculty members. Each course is taught intensively four times a week over three week periods. Two additional courses are offered in collaboration with Sciences Po and taught by Sciences Po faculty. Each course meets once a week from October to December 15. All courses are taught in English.


Northwestern University:"European Studies", "Public Health Policy", and "critical theory"

La Direction du Campus de Paris et le Centre des Amériques de Sciences Po sont heureux d'accueillir sur le campus de Paris, pour la 11ème année, trois programmes académiques en partenariat avec Northwestern University (Chicago, USA).


The “European Studies” program’s purpose is to initiate undergraduate students to the contemporary reality of the European Union (EU). The “Public Health Policy” program’s purpose is to initiate undergraduate students to health care systems policies and public health policies in France and in the European Union, both on an academic and a practical level.


The “Critical Theory” program’s purpose is to introduce undergraduate students to the relationships and differences between the everyday world and its literary and cultural representations. All three programs draw on the academic resources and policy connections of Sciences Po Paris and Northwestern University.


Program Description:
Critical theory constitutes one of Northwestern’s areas of excellence in teaching and research and is one of the principal sources of Northwestern’s visibility in humanistic scholarship. Students will deepen their understanding of the critical theoretical tradition by examining the foundational work found at the intersection of Critical Theory and Political Theory within the broader context of French politics and France’s role in the European Union.  Excursions will take students to various significant historical, political, and cultural sites in and around Paris.


Courses for critical theory:

  • Critical Theory and Literary Studies 
    The aim of this course is to deepen student understanding of the critical theoretical tradition by taking literature as its object of thought.
  • Critical Theory Seminar 
    With guidance from their instructor, students will develop a research project that corresponds with their level of familiarity with critical theory and their level of French language.
  • Critical Theory and the Study of Politics 
    This course examines literature on politics written within the tradition of Critical Theory. Students will become familiarized with foundational and contemporary work at the intersection of Critical Theory and Political Theory and write a major research paper exploring questions raised by this body of literature.
  • France and the European Union
    An introduction to French politics in the framework of European integration. This course covers French efforts to promote integration and France’s role in the international system and adaptation to the EU.