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Sciences Po offers a wide range of courses in the Social Sciences, the Humanities and Scientific Humanities.

Exchange  students  may  take  up  to  30  ECTS credits per semester. 




Should a student wish to take a full course load, he or she should take the following courses:


  • Lecture course (10 credits)
  • Seminar or elective course (5 credits)
  • Seminar or elective course (5 credits)
  • Seminar or elective course (5 credits)
  • Seminar or elective course or artistic workshop or language class (5 credits)


Students may choose as their language of instruction French, English or a mixture of the two. For more information consult the language requirements page.


Taking the aforementioned combination of courses is obligatory. To obtain the Certificate in Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH), the student must, over the course of two semesters, attempt 60 ECTS credits and succeed in earning at least 45. To obtain a one-semester version of the CSSH, the student must attempt 30 credits and succeed in earning at least 20 of these.


Sciences  Po  considers  the  minimum  course load to be one course per student per semester, while the maximum is 30 credits per semester, language courses included. Credits for sports and arts classes (administered by the Association Sportive and the Bureau des Arts) can be earned in addition to the 30-credit course load and are limited to two courses (worth a total of 4 credits), though they do not substitute for academic courses in the final tally of credits obtained during the semester.


For  more  information  on  course load  and  other academic issues:



The different types of courses at Sciences Po

  • Cours magistral or Lecture: 48 hours
    • 1 course by a professor in an amphitheater, usually around 150 to 300 students
    • 1 course by a maître de conférence in smaller groups of 20 to 24 students
  • Seminars: 24 hours
    • groups of 60 to 100 students
    • a dedicated Teaching Assistant with 6 sessions of tutorials
  • Electives: 24hours
    • groups of 20 to 24 students
  • Workshops ou Ateliers de pratique artistique
    • groups of 15 to 18 students
    • dedicated to the practice of an art and the intellectual reflexion on it




Disciplines of study offered at Sciences Po


Sciences Po offers exchange students six disciplines of study: Economics, International Relations, Law, History, Political Science, Humanities


  • Economics
  • International Relations
  • Law
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Humanities
Fall Semester


Spring Semester