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Students in the Undergraduate Exchange Programme will have up to 14 or 16 hours of class per week. This timetable is designed to facilitate student-instructor contact, research and reading outside of class. Please note that the following information applies only to the campus in Paris, and not to the regional campuses.


French and English Lecture Courses





A lecture is composed of a cours magistral, two hours a week in a group of 100 or more students and a conference in smaller groups of 25 students, which meets once a week for two hours. A lecture course is made up of four hours of teaching per week divided into two sessions.


French and English Seminar Courses


Seminar courses are made up of two hours of teaching per week. These courses place a strong emphasis on written expression. Evaluation is by continuous assessment during the semester. Each lecture course has a teaching assistant, and six sessions of tutorials. 



Electives meet for two hours a week and are organised in the same way as the seminar courses as described above. Emphasis is placed on a close interaction with the professor. Evaluation is by continuous assessment.


Foreign Language Courses

It is strongly recommended for all non-francophone students to take a French language course. It is possible to study a second language, but in this case, students must take a language previously studied at their home university. The length of the course varies from two to four hours per week, depending on the level and the language chosen (lien


French Civilisation

These courses are designed to offer a general view on French culture, especially for students wishing to know more about France and its history, art, literature and gastronomy. These courses are the only ones which are designed for international students only. It gives the opportunity to discover the rich culture of the country even for non francophones.



Students can pick one sports class per semester that is worth 2 credits.  These courses are taken on a pass/fail basis and depend on the students’ participation.  For more information about the availability of sports class, please refer to the Sports Association desk: or contact each representative on the different campuses (Dijon, Le Havre, Nancy, Menton, Poitiers and Reims.



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